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4 Best Slow Cooker Recipes to Try Out Today

Dear readers, I have a great post for you, written by Nicole Lucas @ NoMealNoHealth. 4 vegan/vegetarian slow cooker recipes that are surely amazing to try out. My name is Nicole Lucas, I am the main editor of NoMealNoHealth and moreover I am a mother to an 7 year old angel, and me and my husband regularly have […]... Read More
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The Easiest Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili for Vegans (Recipe)

Dear readers, Olivia Rose from My King Cook prepared a wonderful recipe for you. Have a read and learn a bit more about how to make a delicious sweet potato and black bean chili. Thanks again Olivia! Author Bio My King Cook shares healthy cooking and culinary advice with the world! We keep learning new things, […]... Read More

Apple Red Currant Matcha Purée Recipe

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a new guest post for you. Callum Mundine wrote a very nice and detailed recipe for you. You will not only get a great recipe but also learn some interesting things about apples, red currant and Matcha Tea Powder. Have a look and enjoy it. Thanks again Cal! Purées are […]... Read More
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Vegan smoothies for the whole family

Dear readers, this is an article from Jessica about vegan smoothies! Please be aware that some smoothies include honey. I myself do not eat any honey and I know that many vegans don’t do either. However, there is a continuous discussion going on about honey being vegan or not. For those, who would like to waive the honey, replace […]... Read More