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The Easiest Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chili for Vegans (Recipe)

Dear readers, Olivia Rose from My King Cook prepared a wonderful recipe for you. Have a read and learn a bit more about how to make a delicious sweet potato and black bean chili. Thanks again Olivia! Author Bio My King Cook shares healthy cooking and culinary advice with the world! We keep learning new things, […]... Read More

Apple Red Currant Matcha Purée Recipe

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a new guest post for you. Callum Mundine wrote a very nice and detailed recipe for you. You will not only get a great recipe but also learn some interesting things about apples, red currant and Matcha Tea Powder. Have a look and enjoy it. Thanks again Cal! Purées are […]... Read More
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Vegan smoothies for the whole family

Dear readers, this is an article from Jessica about vegan smoothies! Please be aware that some smoothies include honey. I myself do not eat any honey and I know that many vegans don’t do either. However, there is a continuous discussion going on about honey being vegan or not. For those, who would like to waive the honey, replace […]... Read More
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Vegan lunch and snacks in the heart of Zurich – Roots and Friends

A while ago on TV, I saw that a new vegan joint opened the doors in the middle of Zurich. So, of course, I had to go to take a look myself. It’s just nearby the train station, so you can’t miss it. It’s more of a breakfast respectively lunch joint or take away reataurant. They are […]... Read More
1fd3ee70926387b0e6f4b5bd15bfc75c a28e8afb7cd2c92c7cef9f4dcb68ce24 THE BEST DIY VEGAN BEAUTY RECIPE FOR YOUR HAIR

The best DIY vegan beauty recipe for your hair

Article by Viki Howell Everyone wants their locks to be healthy and pretty. Unfortunately, some are either unable to spend money at hair salons in NYC or are not satisfied with the ingredients in the treatments. Here is the most amazing DIY vegan mask for naturally beautiful hair! Hair looking thin and frail? Slap some […]... Read More
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Vegan Gault Millau Food with a breath taking view – Scala Restaurant at the Montana Art Deco Hotel, Luzern

Recently, I have been told by friends that the Montana in Luzern has a vegan menu. Of course, that meant that I had to go and try it out. Dear readers, I cannot believe that I have never been up there before. I live in Luzern for about 8 years now and have never been […]... Read More
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Tibits – Food that loves you back, Switzerland and London

First of all, I apologize Tibits for stealing your slogan for my headline but it sounds so lovely 🙂 I might not need to introduce the Tibits to all the Vegans or Vegetarians out there in Switzerland or also in London. I assume, most of you know it already. But I now think it’s time […]... Read More