5 Quick and Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Dear readers, I got a new amazing guest post. It is written by Paula @ chewtheworld. All about quick and healthy vegan breakfast ideas. I will definitely try out all of them ­čÖé Thank you Paula for this post! We all lead busy lives, and time is the most valuable commodity that we have. Sometimes […]... Read More
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The Castelo de Sao Jorge and vegan food – Sao Tom├ę 48, Lisbon

As I already wrote in my last post about the Food Temple in Lisbon, this is a wonderful city. I know, I say that about almost every place I see because every single time I am just amazed by the beauty and diversity that exists on this planet. But Lisbon is really special. It has […]... Read More
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Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant – Hermitage, Stockholm

The first thing I did after I arrived in my hotel in Stockholm, was going to look for the Hermitage. Because I was really hungry and I wasn’t into walking around much. This was a recommendation by James. Thank you very much! So, I haven’t seen much of Stockholm then. But my first impression of […]... Read More
Fruits Vegetarianism and hair loss Meat Hazelnuts in a bowl

Vegetarianism and hair loss

Next week┬áI will post my next restaurant review about a vegan restaurant in Stockholm Sweden. But before that, I would like to show you another article written by regular guest blogger Viki. It’s about the possible risks of a vegetarian diet concerning┬áhair loss. ┬áI hope you enjoy it and stay tuned! Is there a connection […]... Read More
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Most likely the best vegan restaurant in Lisbon – The Food Temple, Lisboa

This year, my mom invited the whole family to go Lisbon for a city trip to celebrate her Birthday. This was a very nice experience. First of all, it was fun to spend time with my family and second of all the city is just amazing! I mean, I have heard many good things about […]... Read More