Vegan meals on Emirates flights

The airline


Emirates was founded in 1985. With only two aircrafts, Emirates flew from Dubai two four different destinations. Nowadays, Emirates has an incredible fleet of over 200 airplanes from their international hub in Dubai they fly to more than 140 destinations. It is the largest airline in the Middle east and one of the most established in the world. But I am sure that you do not want to read a business case on this blog. So, let us talk about the food, shall we?

The food

On my flight back home to Switzerland, I had some very good meals on the airplane. It was an international flight from Manila to Zurich with a stopover in Dubai.

On the first flight, I had a vegan breakfast with some kind of hash browns with beans, mushrooms, oven-baked potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, some fruits and a piece of bread. I haven’t been impressed with the potatoes and the bread, as they were dry and a bit tough to eat. The hash browns and the mushrooms, however, made up for it. It was well seasoned and the hash browns were made with some curry. It was surprisingly spicy, which I liked very much. I also liked the fruits. Fresh and full of flavor – Just the right food after a few hours of sleep in a plane.


On the second flight, Emirates offered some lunch. What you see on the picture is a vegan lasagna with vegetables. The inside of the lasagna was filled with spinach. It tasted very well and I was quite happy to have lasagna for a change. As a vegan, you usually do not get to eat lasagna very often, as it is mostly made of dairy products. Once again, Emirates surprised me with a great vegan meal. The dessert was some kind of compote made of cranberries and raspberries. If you have read my post about The Corner Tree Cafe in Manila, you know that I am not much of a sweet tooth. Therefore, I did not really like it. But that might just be me.


Vegan Meal Air India
Another vegan meal on an emirates flight. Photo taken by Anne on an Emirates economy flight from Dubai to Newcastle UK. Thanks Anne!

How to set your dietary requirements?

On flight, Emirates only offer their standard menus. If you are a vegan, you have to set your dietary requirements before you fly. For that reason, I am going to quickly show you how to do so. I think this might be helpful for any vegan, but also for people with any other dietary requirements.

  1. First of all, you have to open the Emirates website on
  2. On top, you will find a button Plan & Book
  3. Then click on Manage a Booking
  4. Once you have entered your booking information, you choose Dietary Requirements on the right hand side
  5. Within the category Medical and Dietary meals you will see the Vegetarian Meal, which is the vegan meal*

*This is how Emirates describes their Vegetarian Meal:

Also known as Vegan, this meal is totally free of any animal products or by-products such as eggs or dairy products. It contains one or more of these ingredients: all types of vegetables and fresh fruit. It does NOT contain any type of meat, fish or animal products or by-products.

Emirates also offers a huge variety of other special meals. They are divided into three categories: Religious Meals, Medical and Dietary Meals, Other special Meals. You will find meals like Asian Vegetarian, Hindu, Muslim, Gluten-Free, Low Calorie, Child or Baby Meals, Diabetic, and so on. As you see, there is a great choice of meals.

Personally, I thoroughly recommend flying with Emirates. The quality of the service and the food are incredible. And if you are a vegan, I highly recommend you to try this airline. The vegan meal on Emirates flights makes it much more comfortable to travel. Because flying can somehow be stressful and you are certainly happy that you at least do not have to ask the flight attendants about each and every ingredient in the meal.

I hope this post will be useful for you if you choose your airline for your next travel-adventures. And let me know if you have already tried the vegan meal or are going to have it soon. Leave a comment, I would love to hear your stories!

8 thoughts on “Vegan meals on Emirates flights

  1. Dear sir/madam,

    Greetings of the day!

    I use to travel frequently in your esteemed airline Emirates. I am a pure vegetarian but most of the time I have to fly without having food. I dont know how to place order of required “vegetarian meals”.

    Kindly advice me to avoid further happenings of the same. You can update me on my what’s app no +919860232544

    Looking forward for your prompt and positive response.

    Abhay Kumar

  2. Incredibly well, once again I have found one of the best piece of material over the net. I I have just saved to my bookmarks this article and comeback pretty soon. I was awakened and empowered. It will always be good to remain a site like this.

  3. By the way, emirates doesn’t serve Vegiterian food in short flight. Though, they can serve Vegeterian food in business class or first class. Not in economy class ? – consider a racist approach.

    Only option is either meat, diabetic or lecto-ovo meal. They don’t even have fruit platter !

  4. I just flew Emirates bkk to hkg abd rtn and the vegan meal was a pretty sorry experience for both myself and co traveler. Aside from the face they did not load my veganmeal, they did not seem to understand even what it meant… as they first gave me a chicken meal as alternative, then a lacto ovo vegitarian meal, while my friend had a full vegan which amounted to a single veggie ratatuei… no fruits, and not actually having any legume or other plant based protein. We were in business class too! It was pathetic and dissapointing. Especially since so many arabic starters are ideal vegan foods(ie hummous) how could this arabic airline get it so wrong?! I did arrange the vegan meals online months ahead of schedule. Buyer beware.

    1. Hi Will, thank you very much for your feedback! I am sorry that your experience was not that good with Emirates as mine. I just had the same experience with KLM and Air France. I also flew to HKG and had an awful meal both from and to Hong Kong. However, I think it was the food in general and not the vegan meal itself. The other meals didn’t look great either. Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated. I hope you are going to have a much better experience the next time and wish you a good flight wherever you may go 🙂

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