Sfizy Veg crowded Sfiz Veg outside Sfizy Veg bar Sfizy Veg inside Sfizy Veg decoration Sfizy Veg clock and pictures Sfizy Veg inside 2 Pizza Sfizy

Pizza at the first vegan pizzeria in Europe – Sfizy Veg, Berlin

This pizzeria lies within the area of Neukölln in Berlin. I got the impression that this part of Berlin is where people actually live. You don’t get to see as many shops or tourists or landmarks as in other parts of the city. It’s just people living their lives. I have also read that there […]... Read More
Markthalle Neun Streetfood Market Koshary Lux Oriental Street Food Koshary

Egyptian street food at Markthalle Neun – Koshary Lux, Berlin

I have already posted some information on how cool the Markthalle Neun is. If you haven’t seen it, please feel free to read my post Vegan burger at Markthalle Neun. So as promised, I went back on a Thursday to see how busy the Streetfood Market is. And it was pretty awesome. I went there with a group […]... Read More
Vegan Currywurst sign Curry at the Wall Curry at the Berlin Wall Curry at the Wall stand IMG_6099 Vegan Currywurst

Vegan Currywurst – Curry at the Wall, Berlin

Currywurst is probably the most popular street food in Berlin, if not in all of Germany. It is made of fried pork sausage and seasoned with spiced ketchup, topped with curry powder. In Berlin, you’ll find it everywhere. At stands on the streets, restaurants, diners, and so on. Of course, as a vegan, I don’t […]... Read More
Kopps large table Kopps bar Kopps separé Kopps mirrors and shutters Kopps Amuse Bouche Kopps Frühlingssalat Kopps Beelitzer Spargel Kopps Banana Mousse Kopps outside

Traditional german cuisine for vegans – Kopps Bar & Restaurant, Berlin

The Kopps Bar & Restaurant is beautifully located within the area of Berlin-Mitte. Definitely a neighborhood you should check out. There are many bars, restaurants and shops, which sell fresh, organic food. And if you are already in the area, why not have lunch or dinner at the Kopps Bar & Restaurant? It’s an all-vegan […]... Read More
Markthalle Neun Berlin Sun Day Burgers Sun Day Burgers Market Stall Sun Day Burgers Board Sun Day Burgers' Vegan Burger Markthalle Neun public area

Vegan burger at Markthalle Neun – Sun Day Burgers, Berlin

In Berlin Kreuzberg there is this awesome market hall called Markthalle Neun. Let me first tell you a little something about Markthalle Neun. This is really a great place for food lovers. There are lots of different market stalls where they offer fresh, local food of any kind. From baked goods to beer, wine and […]... Read More