Vegan Currywurst – Curry at the Wall, Berlin

Currywurst is probably the most popular street food in Berlin, if not in all of Germany. It is made of fried pork sausage and seasoned with spiced ketchup, topped with curry powder. In Berlin, you’ll find it everywhere. At stands on the streets, restaurants, diners, and so on.

Of course, as a vegan, I don’t really want to encourage people to eat as much Currywurst as possible. But I do acknowledge that this particular street food is an important part of the German culture, history and tradition. Therefore, many tourists consider it a must to try the famous Currywurst in Berlin.

As you can imagine, I wasn’t really planning on eating a Currywurst in Berlin. Therefore, it was all the more surprising when Jason, who I met at the hostel and joined me for a guided walking tour, saw a sign saying: Currywurst Vegetarian / Vegan. So, thanks again Jason for pointing it out. I would have just walked past it.

Vegan Currywurst sign
I was curious. So, after our walking tour we went back to Curry at the Wall with lots of new knowledge about the fascinating history of Berlin and also empty bellies.

The interior

Yes I know, there is no interior. It’s a stand on the street and you sit outside. I got that. But I would like to describe it anyway. Berlin is a city, which witnessed many events of historic significance in many different decades and even centuries. The Berlin Wall is certainly one of the most famous cold war landmarks in Berlin. So, it really is a special feeling to sit outside at Curry at the wall right in front of the Berlin Wall and eat a vegan Currywurst. You are able to enjoy the culinary culture in the middle of a city with a captivating historic atmosphere. In front of you is the Berlin Wall and just within a few walking minutes you’ll find Checkpoint Charlie where in October 1961 a standoff occurred between Soviet and U.S. tanks, which could have been the beginning of the third world war. If you would like to know more about this particular crisis, I recommend you to read the article Berlin crisis: the standoff at Checkpoint Charlie at The Guardian.

Curry at the Wall

Curry at the Berlin Wall

Curry at the Wall 2

The food

The sausage is among other ingredients made of seitan, wheat protein, water and herbs. You can really taste the flavor of the various herbs. Of course, the sausage itself does not taste like the original Currywurst. But it has its own charm and the famous Currywurst sauce is still the same. It provides a wonderful vegan alternative for all those who would love to try this culinary German treasure.

Vegan Currywurst
Of course, at Curry at the Wall you will find lots of sausages. But other than that it is very vegan-friendly. The nice gentleman at the stand offered a great service and tried to meet all my vegan needs. He even used different cutlery to cut the vegan sausage.

Curry at the Wall stand

He also explained why the signboard says both, vegetarian and vegan. He told me that the sausage is all vegan but they included the term vegetarian because not everyone is familiar with the word vegan.

The verdict

As I already mentioned, for many tourists it is a must to try the Currywurst in Berlin. And if you find a vegan Currywurst and are able to experience this piece of German culinary culture, that’s amazing!

I also think that this is a nice way to hold on to your own culinary culture while making a step forward to a cruelty-free and more sustainable world. That’s why I recommend you to try the vegan Currywurst at Curry at the Wall.

3 thoughts on “Vegan Currywurst – Curry at the Wall, Berlin

  1. Sorry for all the comments haha but just wanted to mention, I went to this stand too! It was part of a walking tour and was so strange/surreal to eat currywurst practically right next to the Wall!

    1. Don’t worry. I like talking to you 🙂 Ohh really? What a nice coincidence. That’s exactly how I felt too. It was somehow surreal and also very special.

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