Best Vegan Scrub-Mask For Your Face

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Being vegan means to be healthy, but sometimes weather conditions, dry and cold air, ecology and improper treatment can be reasons of pimples, acne, the skin over dryness and flaking skin as well. Check out these best tips on how to solve any skin problem provided by the top specialists at organic barber shops NYC.

#1 Coconut oil for over dried skin

Suffer from over dried skin and flakes? Try to make the following natural coconut oil mask-scrub. Combine a ½ cup of a natural coconut oil with a ½ cup of brown sugar, add two drops of essential orange oil. Gently apply a mixture on face and rub it for 4-5 minutes, wait for 10-12 minutes after to let the oils absorb. Coconut oil will deeply moisturize it, while the brown sugar will remove all flakes and let the orange oil calm skin. Even after the first usage, you’ll be able to see the result – radiant, manageable and soft face with no flakes. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times per week.

#2 Sea salt for too oily skin

Struggle from acne and pimples? The main reason for these problems is a too oily skin, which fills all pores on a face. Make a golden rule for yourself to clean skin with a daily organic cleanser every morning and apply the following natural scrub-mask. Combine a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of a sea salt with two drops of an essential tea tree oil. Rub the mixture on face for 3-5 minutes, and then wait for 10 minutes to let salt dry skin a bit and remove oil. Rinse a face with cold water, and you won’t see oils and pimple. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times after washing face with a daily cleanser.

#3 Absorbent carbon for opening pores and removing acne

Acne can be a severe problem. If you struggle with it, you should check nutrition and make sure that you eat enough amount of a fresh fruit and veggies, because acne is only the top of an iceberg. Apply the next natural remedy to cleanse a face. Mix a ½ cup of a coconut oil with a ½ cup of ground coffee and add two mashed pills of absorbent carbon. Massage a face, leave the mask for 10 minutes, then massage it again. Your face will be truly luminous and cleaner even after the first usage. Just don’t forget to repeat the procedure 2-3 times per week.

Nature has everything for your well-being.

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