Carrot benefits for vegans

Carrot is, probably, the most favorite vegetable of all vegans. It is extremely good for your general health and hair growth in particular. Moreover, carrot improves your hair structure and makes locks thicker. It also nourishes scalp and follicles, boosting hair growth. There are even more pleasant fact: you can eat carrot raw, cool it or drink as a fresh, it still will contain lots of vitamins, nutrients and minerals for your body. If your aim is a beautiful mane, carrot juice is the best variant. It will bring immediate results and noticeable structure improving. You can also make different hair masks from it, and apply to your scalp. Vitamins A, K, B6, B1, B3, B2, potassium – these are essentials for your hair, contained in every single carrot. Check out these three unusual ways to use carrot, developed by our professionals at Northgate barber shop.


If you want to get a perfectly smooth hair, free of tangles and knots, special carrot pre shampooing method is for you. Mix carrot with olive and coconut oil, them boil it and leave for some time until it is cool. It will have pleasant smell and liquid structure, but don’t drink it! Spread it into the whole length of your hair instead and leave for about 20 minutes. Shampoo your hair as usual after it.


There is a special carrot mask, created for shiny locks, soft. You just need to peel one banana and carrot, mix it in a paste and apply to your scalp. Leave it for thirty minutes and rinse with a warm water. Shampooing is a must after this mask.

Seed oil

If you want to take all out of carrot, you can also use it`s seed oil for your hair. You can find it at your nearest drugstore or special market. You can mix it with some other oils you like and apply to your hair before shampooing. Carrot seed oil is also very useful for hair growth. Moreover, regular usage will show amazing results.

Follow our tips, and take the best out of this vegetable. Eating, drinking and applying carrot will fill your life with joy and happiness.


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