Five Best Vegan Foods For Your Mane Health

Being vegan means to stay healthy without killing animals, and you can totally do it. But sometimes, due to the inconsistent nutrition, your mane can’t be healthy. We asked vegan Chelsea barbers NYC to tell us about the most healthy raw foods which can nourish the body from the inside and make hair grow strong and radiant.

#1 Legumes for protein

We know that hair consists of a protein, that’s why you should eat more legumes every day. There are so many tasty and healthy dishes which you can cook with different legumes. Pintos, chickpeas, lentils, and soybeans are full of protein, so don’t forget to eat them every day; moreover, there so many delicious products: tofu, seitan and a soy milk – can be a great addition to your daily meals.

#2 Nuts for fat

Another nutrient which we need to add in our vegan diet is fat. Eat more raw nuts such as almonds, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pine and Brazil nuts. They will provide you with such essential fats and, moreover, will bring you energy for all day even more than coffee.

#3 Seeds for vitamins E and A

These vitamins are important because they help our mane to grow faster, they recover skin and scalp. If you want to have a long and strong hair you should totally add more sunflower, pumpkin, chia and flax seeds in your ration. Eating only a handful of any seeds will bring you a daily norm of vitamins E and A.

#4 Sesame for calcium

A myth that dairy products can provide us with calcium is still quite common and all vegans know it. Sesame is a winner among all the products in a calcium content. To make your bones, nails and hair strong you need to eat just a tablespoon of sesame seeds every day (it is important to eat them in the morning while the stomach is empty, it provokes the faster calcium absorption).

#5 Fresh juices to remove the toxins

All we know that due to the bad ecology, we can’t be totally healthy. Fresh juices from different fruit and green leafy vegetables are the best decision for those people who want to cleanse their body and remove the toxins through the stomach. With daily drinking of fresh juices, you will make your organism healthy, strong and full of energy.

Stay healthy with a vegan diet.

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