Five Best Vegan Foods That Make Your Hair Gorgeous

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Nowadays, dairy and meat products are promoted as a part of healthy diet, but lots of people still think that this is a right decision to be a vegan and eat only natural and fresh foods. Vegan and raw diet are full of minerals and vitamins which make your hair, skin and nails look amazing. You need to try to eat some yummy vegan foods proposed by best stylist at organic hair salons NYC.

#1 Avocados and olives

There are so many healthy fats in avocado and olives which promote moisture at all your body and hair. These two products are alike and have natural fats in the content so they will for sure help your hair grow faster and longer.

#2 Coconut

You are a fan of coconut oil? Great! Your hair and body get the needed amount of moisture. Don’t sure whether to use it or not? You can start with simple step: add coconut oil to all your dishes and you will see the result. Moreover, you can use this nutritious oil as a hair mask. Put needed amount (depend on your hair length) of oil all over your head and leave it for approximately 2 hours. After that, shampoo your head as usual and rinse with lukewarm water. The result will astonish you; and the smell of coconut on your head will be an enjoyable complement.

#3 Cocoa

Cocoa is a great source of different vitamins and minerals which can help to grow your hair strong and long; moreover, it promotes beauty throughout the entire body. This raw food that can help your hair grow strong and long. You can add cocoa oil to cereal or porridge, put it on your hair and skin, make homemade chocolate and just drink it instead of coffee (cause cocoa contains almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee or green tea).

#4 Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very popular among vegans. It’s a good fact because in reality, these seeds are full of calcium, B vitamins and iron, which are needed for hair and nail growth, bones and teeth. Pudding or smoothie with chia seeds can be a very nice and healthy breakfast which will give lots of energy for your body.

#5 Cucumbers

This vegetable contains big amount of natural silica; moreover, it improves the process of collagen production in the body. Cucumbers reduce hair breakage and prevent its damage. An impressive amount of water in cucumbers helps your skin to stay moisturized and look gorgeous and always young.

As you can see, vegan diet contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for your hair, nail and body.

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