Vegan Foods For Your Health

Every day, every man should provide his body with at least 3000 calories and more if you are working with your hands and body on a hard job. Some people think that you can’t be healthy for 100% if you are a vegan, but we know that it is totally false. Check out these simple pieces of advice from the best specialists at barber shops in NYC, which specialize in healthy vegan nutrition.

#1 All you need is a protein

Protein is the main thing for the men’s health. With enough amount of protein, your body will always be full of energy. Pinto, chickpea, soy, black and white beans – are the must-eat foods for every man; moreover, there are so many ways to cook them – you can boil, fry, bake and even eat them raw. You should also include tofu, seitan, soy meat in your daily meals. The great thing that these products will totally nourish your body, and you won’t have problems such as tiredness and weakness after a meal (as after meat eating.

#2 Fresh vegetables and fruits

Green – leafy vegetables are like a remedy for your organism – they clean all your body through your stomach, so don’t forget to eat more fresh salads and sandwiches with greens. Fruit consists of natural sugar – glucose, it is very necessary for our brain, eat more fresh fruit to stay active during all day.

#3 Nuts

These guys are full of natural oils and fats, they can provide you with so many calories for your daily workouts. Eating only a handful of any nut (almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, cashews) every day will provide your body with energy for working all day. Nuts can be a really great snack instead of a bun or chips.

#4 Raw seeds

Sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, chia and flax seeds are a great source of vitamin E and A, which are necessary for your skin health and for your beard growth! Eat more raw seeds if you want to prevent brittle hair and baldness.

Stay healthy with a vegan diet and don’t listen to the people who don’t believe in life without killing.

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