Vegan Sweets for Hair

Everybody love sweets, they give taste to our life and may turn even the most gloomy evening to pleasant time spending with a cup of delicious tea. However, vegan sweets are a little bit different, in comparison to generally accepted ones. It happens because vegan snacks, just as well as all other food, should contain no products of animal origin. Today, our specialists at fashion hair salon NYC offer you three most yummy products every vegan should try now. Doing this will bring you double effect: improve your mood, and make your hair look stronger and healthier.


Even if you are not a vegan, a small handful of almond will be a perfect snack for you. Eating it every day will make your hair thicker and stronger, in some cases almond can even slow down the process of hair falling. Thanks to huge amount of Vitamin E and proteins, almond restore collagen balance in your organism and hair follicles, making it much healthier. Breakages and undesired dryness will also be left behind if you add this remarkable nut to your daily ration.


Everybody knows that cacao is a basic ingredient of our favorite sweet – chocolate. Besides been extremely delicious, cacao possesses a big number of beneficial features. As an inexhaustible source of zinc, iron, proteins and a whole B group of vitamins, cacao provides your strands with incredible nutrition from the inside, giving it natural shine and attractiveness.


Acai is an exotic berry which can be found in your nearest supermarket. Usually, it is sold in frozen packages, so all you need is to unfroze it and acai is ready to be cocked. It is also rich in vitamin B and antioxidants, but omega 3 fatty acids is its main advantage in comparison to other berries and fruits. You can make smoothie out of it and help your hair look healthy, moisturized and nourished.

So, if you want to improve your hair, rethink your daily ration, taking into account our tips, and enjoy the result. Having a beautiful hair is not an easy task, help your hair a little bit, eating these delicious and useful products.

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