Vegan Ways To Treat Your Mane Right

It’s really odd how people can treat their hair with such illogical ways – like using shampoos and conditioners with parabens, silicones, and sulfates in their content or applying a mask with eggs or cream – and hoping to get ideal mane. How do they can bring you a health if parabens increase a risk of cancer and eggs are embryos? Can you imagine that embryo can make a mane look gorgeous? We can’t, that’s why we asked the top vegans at Chelsea barbers NYC to tell us about the best vegan ways to treat mane and facial hair right, check them out.

#1 Seeds for faster growth

Sunflower, chia, flax and pumpkin seeds are the greatest source of vitamins E and A, which help mane and facial hair to grow faster and stronger. You need to eat only a handful of any seeds and be sure that you provide your body with a daily norm of these essential vitamins.

#2 Nuts for fats

Different nuts: almonds, cashews, walnuts, Brazil and pine nuts are the best source of natural fats, which will nourish your body from the inside and provide a scalp with a deep moisturizing. Do you want to have strong and supple mane – eat nuts every day.

#3 Green leafy plants for strong immunity and hair

Bok choy, turnip green, spinach, kale and other green leafy plants are full of iron and cellulose. Iron helps a mane to stay strong and thick; cellulose helps a body to remove all the toxins from an organism, which is so necessary if you want to have a clean face and supple hair.

#4 Natural remedy for over dried scalp

Another way to care for mane – is to apply a natural homemade mask, which will moisturize the scalp, remove dandruff and make hair radiant and manageable even after the first usage. Put all over a mane length a ½ cup of a warm coconut oil and rub it on scalp as well. Wait for approximately 30 minutes and wash it out with a daily organic shampoo.

Try to be healthy in a natural way, especially when it is so easy.

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