Cheese Child Dad with child Kristin Davis

Travelling With Your Baby? Here Is How To Make It Easy Peasy

Dear readers, I have a new Guest Post for you. Usually, I almost exclusively post vegan articles. This time, however, I decided to post a Vegetarian article written by Kristin. I very much like the topic of travelling with children because I think that might be interesting for many of you. So, thank you Kristin […]... Read More
Things-every-vegan-teenager-should-consider Things-every-vegan-teenager-should-consider1

Things every vegan teenager should consider

Some significant life-changing decisions are made during our teenage years; however, the decisions we make not always follow our expectations strictly. As a simple example, male teenagers decide to shave someday, and the shaving mistakes they may presume affect their skin maintenance negatively. Today we are going to explore the vegan teenager topic and how […]... Read More
The-possibility-of-making-your-beloved-remedies-vegan The-possibility-of-making-your-beloved-remedies-vegan1

The possibility of making your beloved remedies vegan

Thanks again to my most diligent guest blogger, Jessica 🙂 A conventional diet of a modern vegan offers an undoubtedly wide range of healthy remedies for both the meals and beverages; however, another newly popular habit among beginner vegans is the so-called “veganizing” the existing recipes of their beloved foods. Actually, I visited one of […]... Read More