Island Hopping BBQ, El Nido, Palawan

If you stay in El Nido you most certainly will go island hopping. It is one of the tourists favourite attractions here. There are four different tours and all the tour operators offer the same ones. Me, my Dad and my friends decided to go on Tour A and Tour C. Those are the most recommended tours if you have a quick look on the Internet. We have booked a private boat and the captain and his mate were called Joho and AJ.


I have to say, the tours did not disappoint me. Especially Tour A was amazing. I really liked the perfect mix of beaches, lagoons and snorkeling places. The sights are beautiful, with stunning big stoney hills and a beautiful sea life that takes you into whole new world. There haven’t been many other tourists on Tour A. On most places, we had a great time all by ourselves and could explore all the different sights.

I do not want to go into details about the tours, though. What I actually want to talk about is the food. If you book a tour, you will get lunch on one of the islands. And from a vegans perspective and also any other perspective, the BBQ was pretty amazing. On both tours, Joho and AJ prepared our food. There was a cucumber salad with a dressing made of vinegar and sugar. Then they offered plain rice with soy sauce tomatoes and onions. Besides, they also made an eggplant salad with soy sauce, which was probably the highlight of the BBQ. For dessert, you can eat fresh and tasty pineapple, watermelon, bananas and mango. The whole meal was wonderfully arranged and tasted very nicely. According to my dad and friends, the fish has not been very well but the meat tasted all the better.
All in all, I had a delightful lunch. Hence, if you plan on going island hopping in El Nido, you do not need to bring along your own food. Just enjoy the vegan choices of that pleasing BBQ.

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  1. Great that you have family in Singapore. Original Sins, the vegetarian restaurant is part of Michaelango’s. This one is next to vegetarian one. Michangelos serves meats, fish etc.

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