Vegan Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe

I recently posted an article about Dolce Amore. I mentioned there that I have experienced a warm welcome at my new job and that the people are really cool about me being a vegan and also about me being a blogger.

But the surprises never stop! My dear colleague Alessandra told me they sometimes have dinner together after their business trips. So, she and her husband Diego invited me as well, together with Beryl and Klaus, who work at the same place. And the best part was that they actually wanted to try an all vegan dinner. How about that! I mean, I didn’t expect them to eat vegan food themselves, but I really appreciated their effort. That was a very nice gesture.

And they didn’t even expect me to cook anything. They had their own ideas of dishes and were willing to make it vegan. That night, I had some wonderful vegan Indian Dal as well as pumpkin and chickpeas curry. It was absolutely delicious! I might post the recipes as well, if you want me to 😉 I just need to ask for it.

However, I was kind of responsible to look for ideas for some dessert. And there was something that I have heard about from different people and really wanted to try. Vegan avocado chocolate mousse. Many people were telling me that, as a vegan, it’s just a must to try. But I could not imagine this to be something that actually works. To be honest, I thought this could never taste like “real” chocolate mousse. Come on, there is avocado in it. I usually eat it with some spices. Not as a dessert. However, with a lot of help of my friends, I managed to create the impossible. And I was wrong. Avocado chocolate mousse tastes like chocolate mousse, is just as creamy as chocolate mousse and looks just like chocolate mousse. I couldn’t believe it. But there it was. An amazing vegan chocolate mousse.



So, if you would like to make your own vegan avocado chocolate mousse, here is the link for the recipe:

I would like to note that we actually added double of the maple sirup, chocolate powder and vanilla extract. Just to make it a “little bit” sweeter. What can I say? I didn’t promise you a healthy chocolate mousse…just a vegan chocolate mousse.

Thanks again for that lovely dinner Alessandra, Beryl, Diego and Klaus!

8 thoughts on “Vegan Avocado Chocolate Mousse recipe

  1. Oh, your colleagues are so nice! It was really sweet of them to organize a vegan dinner 🙂 I’m taking care of Indian twins and was able to try some vegan Indian Dal as well (and had chickpea curry just yesterday) – so delicious! 😀

    haha I’ve discovered avocado chocolate mousse over a year ago and love it. Yours also look really good with the raspberries! I guess you’re not that much into “healthy” desserts but maybe you’ll like Chocolate Covered Katie (have I told you about her before?) anyway, she has so many delicious vegan desserts :))

    1. Yes they are really very nice 🙂 Wow, that sounds awesome! And taking care of twins is surely a nice experience 😉 I’m actually not sure if you have told me but I’m definitely going to check it out. Healthy desserts are amazing if they also taste good 😀

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