Miraculous fruits for your hair

Miraculous fruits for your hair

Vegan lifestyle requires a special diet, which excludes meat, fish, and all possible products of animal origin. Such nutrition affects your whole organism and influences all inner processes, including hair growth. Thereby, people who decided to change their lives have to consider this peculiarity and pay more attention to their skin and strands. Unfortunately, sometimes […]... Read More
1fd3ee70926387b0e6f4b5bd15bfc75c a28e8afb7cd2c92c7cef9f4dcb68ce24 THE BEST DIY VEGAN BEAUTY RECIPE FOR YOUR HAIR

The best DIY vegan beauty recipe for your hair

Article by Viki Howell Everyone wants their locks to be healthy and pretty. Unfortunately, some are either unable to spend money at hair salons in NYC or are not satisfied with the ingredients in the treatments. Here is the most amazing DIY vegan mask for naturally beautiful hair! Hair looking thin and frail? Slap some […]... Read More
Beautiful hair for every vegan

3 essential tips on beautiful hair for every vegan

It seems as if Victoria Howell on her way to overtake me in writing articles on this blog 🙂 But this is exactly what this blog is supposed to be…a space where all kinds of people can share their knowledge and tips on vegan topics. So, thanks again Viki! And of course, I will soon be […]... Read More