Who is this blog for?

This blog is for people who love and enjoy to experience new food. People who love to travel, find new places to eat and have fun trying out various food.

There are people who are dedicated to travelling and there are people who are dedicated to a vegan lifestyle. This blog unites the two of them. Travellers and vegans around the world, participate in a community full of adventures. Share your knowledge, share your experiences!

One thought on “Who is this blog for?

  1. hi,,,if the trevelers in Batam Island can find the VEGGIEMART TJIA in Ruko Puriloka Blok D no 1. Sei Panas – Batam – Indonesia (near Vihara Maha Duta Maitreya Batam Centre)
    This minimarket just sale vegan & vegetarian food n spices

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