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The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself. – Oscar Wilde

Write your own post or suggest your favorite restaurant!

If you are dedicated to a vegan lifestyle, live in a country with interesting and amazing food or if you love to travel and experience new food and if you are a passionate writer…go to ‘Start writing here’ and write your own post. I will gladly have a look at it and consider posting it on my blog.

Please tell me about the local vegan specialties in your country, as well. Are there any yummy and exciting specialties, which fit a vegan diet? Let me know about it. Describe it in a way that people want to taste it right away.

Or do you know any restaurant with a vegan food choice in your hometown? Did you travel somewhere and found a place with lovely food for vegans? Let me know…in fact, let us all know…sharing is caring.

I am looking for the little restaurants around the world. The pearls of each country. Tell us about your favorite little place. Your favorite local food. Your special vegan heaven on earth.

If you are having fun writing and are interested in a vegan lifestyle, send your post on ‘Start writing here’ and I’d be happy to put it online. Please do have a look at the ‘Guest Post Guidelines’ as well before you send your very own guest post.

Or send me a message with your favorite vegan restaurant and I will write a post about it. Try to describe it in detail. Try to share the amazing feeling you get while you are having an awesome vegan menu in your most loved Italian restaurant across the street. Send me some pictures as well. I will gladly blog about it.



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